16th Dubrovnik Seminar "Blame it on Brussels – EU Law and Distributive Effects of Globalisation"

16th Dubrovnik Jean Monnet Seminar ‘Advanced Issues of European Law’

Topic: ‘Blame it on Brussels – EU Law and Distributive Effects of Globalisation’

22-27 April 2018

Inter University Center, Dubrovnik



The 16th session of the Dubrovnik Seminar will focus on the topic “Blame it on Brussels – EU Law and Distributive Effects of Globalisation”.

Paper proposals may cover a variety of areas focusing on two questions raised by the recent political events, particularly Brexit, which shed doubt on the traditional legal narrative of EU integration as beneficial to most citizens. First, did EU Law cause or accentuate any inequality in Europe (e.g. for low skilled labour), or are such inequalities the result of different causes (e.g. globalisation, technical progress) and, second, how could the EU address such inequality and make the positive sides of integration and its contribution to equality more visible?

The Seminar entails two parts - lectures by prominent EU law professors and members of the Court of Justice of the EU and research presentations by PhD candidates and junior academics.

Organisers welcome researchers interested in presenting a paper dealing with the topic of the Seminar. Candidates are invited to apply by submitting a paper proposal (500 words max) and a CV.

Accepted candidates will be invited to publish their papers in the Croatian Yearbook of European Law & Policy.



The authors of accepted papers will be awarded a grant which covers for their accommodation costs in Dubrovnik.

A number of travel grants will also be offered to help cover reasonable travel costs, depending on the availability of the organizer's limited financial resources. The decision on awarding the travel grant will be based on, on one side, merit and quality of the research paper, and on the other side, your need and other available sources of funding. 

If you wish to apply for a travel grant, please include this request in your email application, in addition to the reference of your other available sources of funding or a lack thereof (such as, for example, your home institution's). 

Applications for a travel grant will not affect the decision whether your paper will be accepted for presentation at the conference.



Submission of paper proposals and CVs: 15 February 2018


Participating faculty

Monica Claes, Maastricht University

Tamara Ćapeta, University of Zagreb

Iris Goldner Lang, University of Zagreb

Zdenek Kühn, Judge, High Administrative Court of Czech Republic, and Charles University

Adam Łazowski, University of Westminster

John Morijn, University of Groningen & The Permanent Representation of the Netherlands to the European Union

Tamara Perišin, University of Zagreb

Donald Regan, University of Michigan

Siniša Rodin, Judge, Court of Justice of the European Union

Eleanor Sharpston, Advocate General, Court of Justice of the European Union (tbc)



For submission of paper proposals and CVs please contact us at jmseminar.dubrovnik@gmail.com.

For all other correspondence or additional information about the Dubrovnik Seminar, please send an e-mail to: antonija.ivancan@pravo.hr.


The Dubrovnik Seminar is organized by the EU Law Department of the University of Zagreb Faculty of Law.