Objavljen je novi broj časopisa Hrvatska i komparativna javna uprava (vol. 22, 01/2022) u kojem možete pročitati o sljedećim temama:

  • Traditional and European Oriented Principles in the Codification of Administrative Procedures in Central Eastern Europe

  • Legal Dilemmas in the Field of Granting Concessions in Slovenian Law and Some Solutions in Comparative Law

  • Openness and Accountability in Turkey in the Context of Accession to the European Union

  • Migration and Asylum Governance in CEE Countries: Between Historical Legacies and the Europeanisation Process

  • Involving the Public in the Assessment of Community Real Estate Property

  • The The Matthew Effect in Local Welfare Policy in Croatia

  • René Geissler, Gerhard Hammerschmid, and Christian Raffer (Eds.): Local Public Finance: An International Comparative Regulatory Perspective


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