Jean Monnet Advanced Seminar in EU Criminal Law and Policy (2018): Enhancement of Victims Protection within the EU: Building Mutual Trust Between the EU Member States

The course will be held in Dubrovnik from April 22-28, 2018.



The main objective of this course is to transfer advanced knowledge and understanding of the EU Criminal Law and Policy dealing with the Enhancement of Victims Protection within the EU: Building Mutual Trust Between the EU Member States. The Advanced Seminar will provide a venue not only for transfer of knowledge to students and young researchers, but also for an intense academic dialogue between eminent experts in the field (including policy makers), with the aim to create a sustainable network. The course lecturers, eminent experts form the EU, Balkan region, USA and Russia will be addressing the contemporary topics and challanges (https://www.pravo.unizg.hr/kp/dubrovnik_spring_course_eu_substantive_criminal_law_and_the_protection_of_victims?@=7o6g#news_32504).

This Jean Monnet Advanced Seminar is co-sponsored by the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb (Croatia), and Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law (Freiburg, Germany).

The course is open to interested participants from academia, foremost graduate and postgraduate law students, but also to students of political sciences, sociology, journalism, police academy, etc., as well as experts and practitioners from government institutions and members of the NGO sector, lawyers and prosecutors.

While the morning classes will be given by course lecturers, renowned experts in the field, afternoons will be devoted to short presentations by the students on a topic of their own choice, related to any of the themes covered by this course. Presentations of 15 minutes in English language qualify students for graduation from the course and lead to course certificate and 4 ECTS points, recognized by the Faculty of Law in Zagreb. Participants are also encouraged to take an active part in discussions following the lectures and in the afternoons. The Course is accredited under the name: EU Substantive Criminal Law and Protection of Victims

There is no course fee. All participants (including students enrolled at the Zagreb Faculty of Law) are required to pay a 50 EUR fee directly to IUC upon arrival. The online application is open until April 10, 2018.

For further questions and discussions please visit our Facebook page: ″EU Substantive Criminal Law and Protection of Victims” or contact student teaching assistants: Domagoj Grgurević (grgurevicdomagoj@gmail.com) and Nikola Besek (nikola.besek@gmail.com). Regarding the scientific program, please contact course directors: suncana.roksandic@pravo.hr; maja.munivrana@pravo.hr; m.engelhart@mpicc.de. 

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